Saturday, 17 September 2011

Advise For Women ... Don't Wear Mini Skirts!

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo has advice for women to avoid being raped by public transportation drivers — do not wear short skirts.
Fauzi was speaking on Friday after a woman was kidnapped and pack-raped by four men in a public minivan.
Fauzi said women could prevent becoming targets by paying attention to their fashion choices.
“Wear sensible clothes, don’t wear ‘inviting’ clothes. You can imagine, if [a woman] wears short skirt and sits next to the driver, it could be ‘inviting,’” Foke said.
He also had a message for women who took motorbike taxis (ojek).
“If you ride on an ojek and you wear short pants or a miniskirt, do not sit like a man, just side saddle. If you side saddle, there will be no problem,” Foke said.

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