Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Al-Qaeda Now Prefers Women ... for Suicide Bombing

Country’s top intelligence agency has warned the Federal and provincial authorities that various Taliban and al-Qaeda splinter groups are making all out efforts to target political elite in the big cities by using female suicide bombers, it was reliably learnt on Tuesday. 
The intelligence agency, sources say, has sent a confidential report to the Federal government and provincial authorities indicating possible terror attacks by female suicide bombers in posh areas of the big cities. 
The trend of women suicide-bombers is rare in Pakistan but, according to an intelligence report, it has been confirmed that a 17-year-old female bomber blew herself up near a police cordon at Lahori Gate in Peshawar that claimed two innocent lives on August 11th. 
An intelligence source disclosed to The Nation that some Taliban splinter groups were planning to exploit young women for suicide bombings. 

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