Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Alleged Chechen terrorist arrested at Croatian border

A Chechen citizen has been arrested on the Croatian-Slovenian border crossing Macelj. 
The 33-year-old Aslan Kagermanov got detained according to the international warrant by the Russian police from 2005. 
His name is on Interpol's list in Moscow with the accusation of Islamic radicalism and membership in one of the terrorist organisations in the Caucasus. In one action he allegedly played a part of the terroristic group that tried to kill police officers with explosives. 
There have been conflicts going on for more than 20 years between Russian authorities and radical Islamic secessionists in the north Caucasus. The radical Islamic secessionists want to establish wahabi Emirate in Chechnya. 
Kagermanov escaped Russia to seek political refugee status, allegedly in Austria not in Croatia. 
He was held in a Croatian Investigation centre of the county court in Zagreb where the judge after a hearing decided on extradition custody. 
Reports by the Helsinki Human Rights Committee opens doors for many Chechens in applying for political refugee status in Western Europe.

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