Saturday, 3 September 2011

Another Ottoman Empire in the making?

This is(n't) good news. ... Looks like there aren't going to be any more starving, health ravaged terrorists in Gaza soon!

And you're sure that this Palestine/Israel Issue isn't a religious thing, right?

The Turkish navy will significantly strengthen its presence in the eastern Mediterranean Sea as one of the steps the Turkish government has decided to take following the release of the UN Palmer report on the 2010 Gaza flotilla, Turkish officials told the Hurriyet Daily News.
"The eastern Mediterranean will no longer be a place where Israeli naval forces can freely exercise their bullying practices against civilian vessels," a Turkish official was quoted as saying.

Israeli naval ships escort an intercepted aid ship, July 19, 2011.
As part of the plan, the Turkish navy will increase its patrols in the eastern Mediterranean and pursue "a more aggressive strategy".
According to the report, Turkish naval vessels will accompany civilian ships carrying aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

PS ... Oh BTW The terrorists think this is a great idea! ... ( see: Gaza Terror Groups Welcome Turkey's Decision on Israel) ...

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