Monday, 12 September 2011

Attack on Embassy ... Legitimate!

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: The Attack on Israeli Embassy – A Legitimate Act of Protest
While many in Egypt have condemned the September 9, 2011 attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo,[1] various voices in the Muslim Brotherhood have justified it. They called it an understandable reaction to the Egyptian authorities' "feeble" and "helpless" response to the August 18, 2011 incident on the Egypt-Israel border, in which several Egyptian soldiers were killed.
It should be noted that in the weeks since the incident, the Muslim Brotherhood has taken an active role in stirring up widespread popular protest against Israel. The movement called to reassess the relationship with Israel and the peace agreement with it, and some of its leaders expressed disappointment with Egypt's official response to the August incident, calling for a military reaction commensurate with the Israeli's military action on the border.[2]
On August 19, some 200 Muslim Brotherhood activists held a protest rally in front of the Israeli embassy. Dr. Saleh Sultan, a shari'a lecturer at Cairo University and head of the Jerusalem Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), who is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, said at this rally that any Egyptian who meets a Zionist in Egypt is entitled to kill him, just as Israel has killed the Camp David Accords.[3] On another occasion Dr. Sultan called to kill the Israeli ambassador.[4]
Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Dr. Mahmoud Hussein said it is unreasonable that the Egypt-Israel peace agreement should remain as it is, complete with the ban on Egyptian forces in Sinai, while Israel continues to do as it pleases with this agreement. He called to reassess the agreement (though not to revoke it), and to bring it to referendum after removing all the clauses that undermine Egyptian sovereignty.[5] The Muslim Brotherhood website posted articles calling the peace agreement futile and urging support for the Palestinian resistance and to prepare for an inevitable confrontation with the "Zionist entity."[6]  

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