Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Egypt Will Show The Way


...   Muslim Brotherhood is the most organised, disciplined and morally strong party in Egypt. If free and fair elections are held, it is expected to either sweep the elections or have a formidable presence in the parliament. Economy is in bad shape in Egypt. Therefore the help of $4 billion from Saudi Arabia is welcome but it may have strings attached which may include help to the local Salfis who think democracy to be against Islam. If revolution fails to achieve its objectives in Egypt, it will have very negative repercussion for the entire Arab world.
Egypt’s civil society, pro-democratic parties and Muslim Brotherhood need to exert every nerve to strengthen the revolution and make it achieve its objectives of throwing out the vestiges of old autocratic regime and usher in a democratic Islamic system.
Already there seems to be a consensus on basic Islamic structure of law, a strong legislature, restricting the powers of executive, independence of judiciary and protection of freedom and basic human rights, equitable distribution of resources and free press and media.
If Egypt comes out of the present crisis and emerges as an ideal Islamic democracy, it would prove to be a beacon of inspiration and guidance for the entire Arab world.

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