Thursday, 15 September 2011

Extremism Coming to Libya?

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    Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Libya (MNN) ― Libya finally seems to have broken free of dictator Muammar Gaddafi. At this point, although one of his sons has been located in Niger, no one seems certain where Gaddafi is. All that's clear is that Libya seems to be planning to start over.
    But Christians across the 97% Sunni Muslim nation are asking: "Exactly what direction will Libya head?"
    "They have a strong concern about the future that the government will take a turn for the worse," notes Tom Doyle, Middle East-Central Asia Director for E3Partners. "Even as difficult a leader as [Gaddafi] is--kind of like Mubarak was in Egypt, they fear that it may get worse and much more radical."
    The head of the National Transitional Council in Libya, Mustafa Abdul Jalil who was Gaddafi's justice minister before joining the rebels when the uprising began, announced that Libya would from now on be led by "moderate Islam." BBC News reports Jalil as saying Libya would be a state "where sharia [Islamic law] is the main source for legislation."

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