Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Former Afghanistan President Interview Before His Brutal Murder

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Sep 20, 2011
Days before he was brutally killed, Former Afghan President and head of the High Peace Council Burhanuddin Rabbani told RT's sister channel Russia Al Youm that despite the difficulties, he had high hopes for the peace process in his country. President Rabbani led Afghanistan during the 1990s. Most recently, he ran the country's peace council, attempting to negotiate a political solution between the government and the Taliban. The High Peace Council was intended to open a dialogue with insurgents who had been trying to bring down his government since the US-led invasion overthrew their regime in late 2001. It was inaugurated in 2010, amid mounting reports of secret peace talks with Taliban leaders and key insurgent groups. Delivering his acceptance speech, Rabbani said he was "confident" that peace was possible -- and he continued to believe and work towards achieving that peace until the end. 

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