Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Great News..."Sharia Fits with Australian Culture" ...says Mufti

Australians should not be scared of Sharia law because it is consistent with our own culture and values, the country's new Muslim leader says.
Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed yesterday said his goal as the Grand Mufti of Australia was "clarifying the misconceptions about our religion".
He said debate was clouded by misunderstanding and a focus on the more extreme punishments, such as a death penalty for Muslims who convert to another religion.
"It's not fair that you just look at one element out of a hundred elements in the Sharia law and make that element to be the most important thing," he said.
"We see a lot of the Australian culture and values are part of our Sharia law.
"Freedom is a Sharia law, respecting others is a Sharia law, justice is a Sharia law, tax and paying tax and fulfilling your obligations is also considered to be a Sharia law, respecting others and honouring others, that is all Sharia law," he said.
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