Monday, 12 September 2011

Hold The Presses! re 9/11...The Jooooz Did It!

This Article from The PakTribune pretty much sums it up:
"The Price Of Lies!"

Are lies without price? Certainly not! The last and the final messenger and prophet of Allah said that truth brings life while falsehood death. This fact can be seen in case of 9/11 which is undoubtedly fraud of the millennium.

My article was carried by INN and spread throughout the world. I had sent same article to Mr. Adeeb who incorporated my findings and remarks in his own article and that also reached to the media and some regarded that one as the first article on this allegation. We actually broke the conspiracy theory which was ascribed tactfully to Muslims. An blatant Israeli act was assigned to Muslims and under the umbrella of this blatant lie a war of terror was launched. Unfortunately our corrupt, incompetent and puppet military leadership which had toppled civilian Government became part and parcel of this grave war of terrorism
The Jews had acknowledged my article and they interviewed me and quoted in Book titled "Preachers of Hate". Instead of being feeling ashamed, their arrogance and idiocy led them to blame others for their crime; a trait inherited by them for thousands of years. In the cotemporary history there are numerous other examples including Lavon affair and blatant terrorist attack on USS Liberty.  ... Balance of the " The Pak of Lies! "

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