Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Improve Democracy, Reform, Social Status Though Sharia

CAIRO -  In an attempt to restore its key role, Al-Azhar (Egypt’s highest seat of Islamic learning) is preparing an ‘Arab Document’, rather like the ‘Egyptian Document’, which was launched by Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayyeb last June.

Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayyeb

   The Egyptian Document includes Al-Azhar’s views about the revolution and the creation of a democratic, constitutional and modern state.
   According to the Middle East News Agency (MENA), the new Arab Document will include Al-Azhar's views on Arab reform and achieving democracy. It will also deal with social, politi- cal, cultural and economic issues.
   The new document will suggest ways to achieve social reform and justice, boost human rights, distribute Arab wealth fairly and improve the economic and social status of Arab nations. All this will be implemented in a civilised manner, according to the Shari'a (Islamic Law). ... The Egyptian Gazette

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