Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Indonesia Pushes Barack to Support Palestine

U.S. President Barack Obama must prove his promise to support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state by supporting the Palestinians in the membership of the United Nations (UN), said a anaggota House of Representatives. "I hope President Obama does not do the veto against the Palestinians in an attempt to gain full membership of the United Nations 20 September later, "said the Indonesian Parliamentary Caucus Coordinator for the Palestinian Al Muzzamil Yusuf, said here on Wednesday. If Obama fully supports Palestinian efforts to become an independent state, then the name he will go down in world history, said Joseph in panel discussion organized by Indonesian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the theme "State of Palestine and the United Nations". Earlier in his speech in May, Obama gave overt support to the Palestinians an independent, with a coverage area corresponding based on the borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war. Obama said the United States believes that the negotiations should result in two states with borders of Israel and Palestine based on the 1967 treaty that has been agreed. However, in July 2011 then, U.S. officials agreed to a veto against any Palestinian action to request a full UN membership. Yusuf said Indonesia's support for the Palestinians in accordance with the sentence in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution which reads "Freedom is the right of all nations and therefore, the occupation over the world must be abolished, because it is not in accordance with the fairies -Humanitarian and peri-justice ". In the panel discussion, Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Fariz Mehdawi said, "We are very earnest in our efforts and we will achieve our goal (freedom) no matter how much time we need". "We will not be affected by negative voices that come from Israel or other countries," said Mehdawi. The Palestinian people are inspired by Indonesian efforts that succeeded in achieving independence from Dutch colonial rule after 350 years of struggle, Mehdawi said."We must declare independence, no matter who agrees and who disagrees. The Palestinian people have a strong determination to achieve independence because we have long waited, struggled and fought for our independence, "said Mehdawi. In the discussion Mehdawi Ambassador also expressed his gratitude to Indonesia for helping the Palestinians and supports the achievement of Palestinian independence. "We felt strongly because we are supported by many countries. When the whole world behind you, you will not feel weak and fragile. You will be confident. That is what we feel, in contrast to Israel. We do not feel excluded, "said Mehdawi. Palestinian leader would seek United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state in September this year. Palestinians want to declare their state on land occupied by Israel in 1967, including East Jerusalem as its capital. (T. SDP -04/M016)

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