Saturday, 24 September 2011

Indonesia To Host Muslim Miss Universe

A beauty pageant for hijab-clad Muslim women who can recite the holy Qur’an in Arabic and participate in the welfare of their society has been held in West Jakarta to choose Muslims’ ‘Miss Universe’.
“It’s the first online Islamic beauty contest in the world,’’ Eka Shanty, executive director of the nonprofit Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium, which organized the event, told The Jakarta Globe.
“In the Miss Universe contests, the candidates parade their bodies in revealing dresses,” Eka added.
“But in this contest, they’re all covered. Not an inch of skin shows, except for their faces and hands.”
Coming to Puri Agung Grand Ballroom in West Jakarta last Week, 10 young women wearing colorful hijabs and dresses sat on the floor to recite the verses of the holy Qur’an.
These young women were all finalists of Muslimah Beauty 2011, a beauty pageant held for young Muslim women in Indonesia which aims to recognize the beauty and potential of young women who wear hijabs.

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