Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Islamic "No Go" Zones Proliferate Europe

'No-go' zones are for everyone that is not Muslim are springing up all over Europe at alarming rates. Many neighborhoods in London are now unsafe for non-Muslims to inhabit. These areas have been formed with 'ethnic cleansing' harassment tactics; forcing existing residents out of their homes by Muslim harassment. Not only are these places unsafe to live in, they're hazardous to walk into. Many women have been threatened with violence and even death for not wearing Islamic veils when simply walking in a London neighborhood. Gays have also had death threats shouted at them by Muslim preachers.
Many neighborhoods hang signs that say "You are entering a Sharia controlled zone: Islamic rules enforced." Christian preachers have also been accused of hate crimes for handing out Christian reading in Muslim neighborhoods. Police told these pastors to stop or they would be arrested. Several Islamic groups including Muslims against the Crusade leading the Islamic Emirates Project are openly on a mission to turn several areas of London and the UK into independent Islamic republics ruled by Sharia law.

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