Saturday, 17 September 2011

Israel Should Hold Fast

Israel has rarely been so isolated. Consider the forces ranged against it:
• Jihadi entities – Hizbullah and Hamas – on its northern and southern borders that are itching for the moment when, behind their own civilian populations, they can rain down death upon Israeli civilians, forcing Israeli retaliation that inevitably causes Palestinian civilian casualties.
• An Arab Spring that has unleashed waves of anti-Zionism and empowered the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the first and most constant enemies of the Zionists.
• “Allies” in the Muslim world who are now turned or turning against it – Turkey, and Egypt following in the lead of Turkey: the closing of the Israeli embassy in Ankara, followed soon after by the takeover of the embassy in Cairo, illustrating how both bottom-up and top-down forces in the Muslim world militate for confrontation.
• The “progressive” West, especially the global tribe of the “Left,” and the“human rights” NGOs saturated with anti-Zionist diatribes, about to hold Durban III, commemorating one of the ugliest incidents in its depressing,demopathic career of betraying the very humanitarian causes they were created to protect.
• A Western news media and academia, enamoured of post-modern, post-colonial paradigms that present Israel as the Goliath victimizing the Palestinians, the paragon of an imperial and racist colonialism for which the West is trying to repent, and with whose sacrifice it might atone.
• A diplomatic elite that has long preferred to side with the oil-rich Arabsover a tiny, troublesome state.
• An internationally weak American president who, for reasons ideological, psychological, and practical, considers making friends with the Muslim world a far greater priority than protecting Israel.
• And now, in a few days, a Palestinian authority about to use the UN – currently a bastion of anti-Zionism – as a means to further isolate Israel diplomatically and legally.
Rumours are that it’s so bad that the stiff-necked, Right-wing Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is under heavy pressure to bemore placating, to calm the storm.
Of course, in so doing, Israel would be playing the role of sacrificial offering on the altar of jihadi warfare. Contrary to the exceptionally naïve expectations of the proponents of such a conciliatory stance, a reasonable, apologetic, concessionary Israel will not appease Muslim hatred, nor calm the roiling waters of Arab anger. On the contrary, it will play directly into the hands of the jihadis who aim at the – to us – ludicrous goal of world domination.

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