Thursday, 22 September 2011

Its All About Pandering To The Vote ... Isn't It?

Sarkozy to gain most from his plan for Palestinian state
Soon after President Barack Obama ruled out a “shortcut” to a Palestinian state Wednesday, his French counterpart took to the stage to make a proposal: non-member statehood. Widely expected not to take flight, is the stunt driven by ulterior motives?

After witnessing US President Barack Obama’s carefully worded ‘No’ to immediate Palestinian statehood on Wednesday, the UN General Assembly was treated to a very different performance by his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy.
“Let us cease our endless debates on the parameters,” Sarkozy told the assembly in New York. “Let us begin negotiations, and adopt a precise timetable. Must we exclude an intermediate stage?”
Having briskly dismissed Obama’s painstaking justification for a US veto, Sarkozy proceeded to put forward his own proposal: Palestine as a non-member state, with access to international bodies like the World Health Organisation.
Warning of a cycle of violence if the Palestinians remained stateless, the French president said his proposal – which would not require the full support of the UN Security Council – would mean “emerging from a state of immobility that favours only the extremists”.
But as some analysts have suggested, the proposal also appears to favour Sarkozy's own interests.

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