Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Its Summer (Down Under) And Time to Find Some New "Swim Togs"

Ah, the long and sunny summer break is here. At the same time though, Muslims face a problem regarding the swimwear obtainable in regular outlet stores, as they are not at all appropriate for Muslim wear. So it is essential to head out to your local Islamic store and buy Muslim swimwear, which will be modest and decent yet will allow you enjoy the cool waters in the summer heat.
Muslim swimwear for female consists of a complete bodysuit which covers the shape from throat to toe along with the arms completely. In addition there’s a swimming cap which is identical to the hijab and keeps the head covered. The shape suit often consists of two pieces, a shirt and full legged swim pants in order to minimize the revealing nature of shape hugging apparel. These Muslim swimwear stuff can be purchased from an Islamic store, in particular an Islamic store which specializes in clothings and garment items.

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