Sunday, 11 September 2011

Jaundice Rampant in Pakistan

Canadian PM’s jaundiced view of Islam

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has come under attack for saying that "Islamicism" poses the greatest security threat to Canada and for declaring that his government will give police broad new anti-terrorism powers that were stripped from them four years ago.

Sunday, September 11, 2011
TEN years after 9/11, there was universal consensus that the United States was no where near winning the so-called war against terror mainly because this is a purposeless and directionless campaign, aimed more at pushing Islam and its followers to the wall than addressing the real causes of extremism and terrorism. There are genuine complaints that the war against terrorism is nothing but war against Muslims and hence the understandable tension and differences between followers of the two major faiths of the globe.
In this backdrop, it is unfortunate that there are still some elements in the West that are unable to see things in their true and right perspective. One such case is Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper who made very sordid comments about Islam on the occasion of anniversary of the 9/11. Despite the fact that his country encountered no problem throughout mainly because of its neutral policies and approach, the Premier thought it appropriate to allege that ‘Islamic extremism’ was the greatest danger to his country and the world. In fact, it is this jaundiced view that is real cause of conflict and tension in the world and the situation would remain unchanged until and unless this one-eyed approach is reversed. Apart from extremism and terrorism on the part of non-state actors which manifests in incidents like spraying of bullets by white extremists and fundamentalists on a crowd or in a class-rooms in some of the Western countries, there are clear manifestations of state-sponsored terrorism as we have been witnessing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. What justification you have got to invade weaker nations, subjugate them or bring about change of regime through brutal use of military forces? Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and accommodation and this was amply demonstrated by sincere efforts made by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia who sponsored three conferences on inter-faith harmony. As against this, the West has throughout adopted a very hostile attitude towards Islam and its followers and they are not only widely being discriminated in the Western world but are not safe even in their own countries. Besides pushing the world into a state of utter uncertainty and insecurity, Muslim-bashing is also responsible for economic woes of the world and therefore, the West ought to change its attitude for the sake of peace and prosperity of the globe.

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