Friday, 9 September 2011

Let Our People Go! ... Jordan

IAF Calls for Release of Political Prisoners in Special Pardon
Muslim Brotherhood says ... Let Our People Go!
... or Something Like That

Ammon News
 September 9, 2011
AMMONNEWS - The Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political arm of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood,
 on Thursday called on the government to release prisoners who were detained on political charges.

IAF's Secretary General said in a letter sent to Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit that releasing political prisoners,
including members of the so-called Salafi Jihadist current, would be for a "higher national interest,
that would open a new page of revision, to reach wise decision-making that would please God
and be of interest to our nation."

IAF noted in the letter that the General Pardon, issued earlier this summer, brought joy to the lives of prisoners
and their families - despite noting that IAF maintains reservations on some aspects of the pardon.

The letter called on the government to refer the names of particular detainees to King Abdullah II to
include them in the Special Pardon, including ex-Jordanian soldier Ahmad Dagamseh, detainees charged
with connections to Hamas, and those detained in cases related to the occupation in Iraq and Palestine. 

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