Monday, 19 September 2011

More Threats on Kurt Westergaard

"I'm just so bloody sick and tired of the hypocrisy. Every time a gentle decent man like this is threatened with death or killed . . . every time it happens some idiot stands up in Canada or Britain or the US and says "well all religions produce extremism."
"Well the next time you are terrified of a Mormon or a Mennonite cutting your head off, come and tell me about it. It is just sickening, the stupidity, these dunderheads, these people who deny truth and reality."
"It's when those who are meant to support us - the police, the politicians, the media in the West - they indulge in this ambivalence which I think is a form of cowardice. 'Well all people can do this. Well it's not about one particular religion. Well it's about poverty. Well it's about injustice.'"
"No it's not - it's about islamic fundamentalism being oppressive, violent, unpleasant, repugnant, narrow-minded, empty headed."

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