Thursday, 22 September 2011

Muslims Want An Apology ... 
You Can't Call Your Dog Muhammad!

Councilman Derek Reeve says he named his dog Muhammad to make a statement against oppression in other societies.

The Islamic Circle of North America's Southern California chapter issued a statement praising San Juan Capistrano Councilman Larry Kramer for criticizing fellow Councilman Derek Reeve's comment about naming his dog Muhammad, the name of the Muslim prophet. The group also said it wants Reeve to apologize.
Kramer said during Tuesday night's council meeting that Reeve's statement during a Sept. 6 meeting was offensive to Muslims – many of whom consider dogs to be unclean – and that "as leaders we should be setting a higher standard of behavior." Kramer suggested in a memo on the council's meeting agenda that it take action to ensure "decorum" by its members.
The council took no action after Reeve and several people in the audience took offence to the criticism.

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