Friday, 16 September 2011

Netherlands Tightens Immigration Policy

Asylum policy in the Netherlands will be "more selective and more restrictive" in the future.
It says the leader of the Dutch center-right government, who reigns with the backing of the anti-Islam Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party.
Holland, who has long enjoyed a reputation as a multicultural and tolerant, will now "do something about foreign crime," "harmonize and simplify asylum criteria" and "fight against illegal activities", says the country's Interior Ministry.
- Asylum policy will become more selective and more restrictive, says Prime Minister Mark Rutte a press conference after a ministerial meeting in The Hague.
Government who come from the country's conservative-liberal VVD party, will strengthen rules for family reunification to be restricted to immediate family members such as spouses and minor children.
And so should illegal immigration be a criminal offense that could result in four years in prison or a fine of just under 30,000 pounds.
Foreigners who have lived in Holland in less than three years and commit krimalitet must "rapidly" deported, says Prime Minister, according to news agency AFP.
The government also lifted the veil on its plans to ban burkas.
At the same time says that Holland will oppose Romania and Bulgaria's aspirations to become a part of the borderless Schengen cooperation.
Mark Rutte bases its parliamentary majority on Geert Wilders' Islam and immigration-critical Freedom Party, in return for its support to the government has promised a major influence on Dutch politics.

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