Thursday, 15 September 2011

Never Ending War ... Poll

Today's column discusses a news story that was in the Times & Transcript Monday. It reported a poll that says 56 per cent of Canadians believe Western and Muslim societies are locked in a 'never-ending ideological struggle.'
Unsurprising I'm not surprised. Nor is it without a modicum of truth: not necessarily the 'never ending' part, but there is an indisputable tension and mutual distrust between the Western world (mostly democracies, largely Christian or even agnostic) and much (not all) of the Islamic world. And while even politicians such as former U.S. President George Bush were careful to avoid talking about a religious 'crusade' or 'war' against Muslims (correctly so), it is equally indisputable that there are large elements on both sides that see the situation exactly in those terms. It isn't difficult to see how ordinary citizens come to feel threatened or, at least, wary - there are enough Western-hating Islamic extremists to give them plenty of evidence.  ...

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