Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pakistan Refuses to Hand Over ISI Spy General to Bosnia War Crimes Tribunal

He has "lost his memory" and is unable to face any investigation.
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has refused to hand over a retired general, who headed the spy agency ISI, to an international tribunal investigating war crimes in Bosnia, according to a media report. 
The Pakistan government cited medical grounds as its reason for not handing over former Inter-Services Intelligence chief Lt Gen (retired) Javed Nasir to the International Tribunal of Hague, official sources were quoted as saying by The Express Tribune newspaper. 
The tribunal had demanded custody of Nasir for his alleged support to Bosnian Muslim fighters despite an embargo by the United Nations. The Bosnian Muslims were fighting against the Serbian army in the 1990s. 
Pakistan has informed the international court that Nasir "lost his memory" following a recent road accident and was unable to face any investigation into the issue.

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