Thursday, 8 September 2011

PM's Terrorism 'Rhetoric' Slammed

It Was Only A Matter Of Time, Wasn't it? ...
Time, that is, For Making Some "Political Hay"!
PM's terrorism 'rhetoric' slammed

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper has come under attack for saying that "Islamicism" poses the greatest security threat to Canada and for declaring that his government will give police broad new anti-terrorism powers that were stripped from them four years ago."

Harper made the comments in a CBC interview to be televised tonight.

Feed Back From The Opposition:
(Whoops ... What doYou Mean The Liberals Aren't The Official Opposition?)
Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae said Harper is putting too much focus on Islamic extremists without noting that there are terrorists from other backgrounds.
"We don't have to single out just one," Rae told reporters Wednesday. "I think if you look at the outbursts of extremism around the world, I don't think that you can limit it to just one religion, or ideology or form of nationalism."
And he said Harper should prove his case for why contentious measures - preventive arrests and investigative hearings - should be re-instituted.
"Is the prime minister saying that for the last four or five years we have been at risk, at greater risk, because the measures have not been in place? I think he has to answer that question."
...and The NDP: 
NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar said the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11 should be a "time for reflection" on how to build a "more inclusive society to end extremism."
"Let's all guard against the knee-jerk demonizing and overheated rhetoric," said Dewar. "Unfortunately, Mr. Harper continues to use divisive language for political purposes."
Dewar said the prime minister's plan to reintroduce the "draconian" antiterrorist measures aren't backed up by the facts.
"The government has produced no evidence to justify this move. Security is obviously important to Canadians, and we can make Canada secure without resorting to measures like these."
Perhaps the "Hacks" and "Hay Makers" should have taken a moment to listen to Tarek Fatah before opening their Political Cake Holes:

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