Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Question of Honour in Jordan

Man questioned for murder of daughter

By Rana Husseini
AMMAN - A 45-year-old man is currently being questioned in connection with the shooting death of his widowed daughter, 24, in one of the Kingdom’s governorates, official sources said.
The suspect, who was not identified by officials, reportedly shot his daughter in a hospital on Saturday, shortly after she delivered twins, a senior official source said.
The suspect fled and was arrested by authorities shortly afterwards, Police Spokesperson Lt. Colonel Mohammad Khatib said.
“The suspect claimed family honour as the reason for murdering his daughter,” Khatib told The Jordan Times Saturday.
The senior source said that the victim, who has been a widow for the past three years, delivered the children at a private clinic but suffered from complications.
“The victim was [therefore] transported to a hospital and her father, who had learnt recently about his daughter’s pregnancy, followed her,” the source said.
The father claimed he wanted to visit his daughter to congratulate her,” according to the source.
“The minute he walked in he drew a gun and fired a single shot to his daughter’s head then fled the scene,” the source added.
He was arrested an hour later by police, the source said.

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