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The Roots of 9/11...Religion

Roots of the War of 9/11: 1993 World Trade Center bombing

Smoke and flames erupting from the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001; both towers subsequently collapsed; Chao Soi Cheong—AP/Wide World Photos
Roots of the War of 9/11: 1993 World Trade Center Bombing
The official version of 9/11 pins the blame of a single event on Osama Bin Laden, KSM and 19 radical Muslim hijackers. The anti-war version of 9/11 is that it was a neoconservative false flag plot of GW Bush and his friends and Israel to unfairly pin blame and declare war on the Religion of Peace. The Al Jazeera arabic comment-section and zionists-did-it version floating about the Arab world is that no Arabs, no Muslims, or no airplanes, or planted thermite explosives, or it was done by Israel, anything as long as it was not the fault of Islamic Hero Shaheed Lion Martyr Osama Bin Laden. Libertarian For Jihad Ron Paul’s version is that Osama Bin Laden became understandably upset because the United States stationed troops to protect Saudi Arabia.
But to look into the background leading up to 9/11 shows that it was only one battle in a long secret global war with training and preparation going back generations, and a huge cast of characters. The pre-9/11 1996 Atlantic article “Blowback” sums up one view that a very poor choice of friends that never liked America against one cold war superpower has been inadvertantly built up a successor terrorist superpower with billions of dollars worth of US foreign policy mistakes. Daniel Hopsicker’s version of a conspiracy theory is a hunch that Al Queda did it, but only after turning against US secret operations that had worked with them before. Looking back to WTC 1993 also points to more firm evidence that the first Al Queda attack crew rose out of US/CIA support for the Afghanistan jihad against the Soviets.
The Russian movie “9th Company” realistically portrays a brutal Vietnam-style guerilla battle with the Aghan mujahideen shortly before the Soviet withdrawal. But it is ironic that the battle depicted doesn’t look much different than when Americans found themselves in pretty much the same boat in the 2008“Battle of Wanat”. A small US outpost of Army airbone forces beat back a massive Taliban and Al Queda attack involving nearly every fighter in the region when they were expecting only a few guerillas. In one of the few pitched battles of the conflict, nine Americans were killed. It was the most U.S. combat deaths (and most under-appeciated epic individual heroism) in a single battle since the start of U.S. operations in 2001. A clip from John Wayne’s Green Berets show how much things haven’t changed with a re-enactment of Viet Cong assaulting a Special Forces camp in Vietnam. It makes you wonder in these post 9/11 days if we were backing the wrong side against the Soviets.
9th Company
Battle of Wanat
The War against the West goes long before any Americans were in Iraq or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, and was brewing even before the creation of Israel in 1948. Few Americans are aware of connections to attacks such as Air India 182 which seeming had nothing to do with Islamic  terrorism, or persons such as Ramsi Yousef and Ali Mohammed who made key contributions to the World Trade Center bombing. Some of the items I’ve pulled in here are dots that have never been connected to 9/11 before, which is not surprising given the huge number of dots to connect.
The villians are many different people were involved in one global political and religious movement. The villians are the ones who are not shy about shouting that the USA and Israel as the “real enemy” and the “real terrorists”. These people have declared “takfir” on their own religion of Islam, declaring war on “unbelievers” on the majority (or minority in places dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood or Hezbollah) Muslims who wishes to leave in peace with The West who so graciously hosted so many of the Angry Mujaihideen as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have suffered the most deadly attacks in the name of their national faith. This list is result of research which started with investigating the role of American Imam Anwar al-Awalki in the Fort Hood Shooting who has since been connected to several attacks since 2009 as well as 9/11. Sources include Wikipedia, History Commons, documentaries such as “Inside 9/11” and even the occasional conspiracy site if it was especially informative or dis-informative.
One thing is very clear. The current administation’s plan to treat terrorism as a criminal justice problem, to not concentrate on Islamic terrorism as the most important threat, to announce the pullout of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and to reduce military forces will not stop Al Queda and its fans. If the world simply blames 9/11 on Bush and Israel, meets the demands to stop military action against terrorists and mujihideen, stops impeding the the use of violence to promote Islamism, and helps eliminate Israel and all Jews and friends of Jews and conservative Christians, the violence will not stop if we do not understand who the enemy is and what they are after.

Inside 9/11: War on America

Catch this on the National Geographic Channel on your cable TV, it’s part of on-demand on Comcast XFinity, but here is some of it. This is one of the finest accounts of how and who planned the War of 9/11, and one of the best pieces to counter thinly-disguised Jihad propoganda such as Loose Change and “Architects/ Firefighters/ Asians /Pokemon / Or Anybody but Muslims” for 9/11 Truth.

1997 HBO: Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing

Here is a preview of an excellent dramatization of Ramsi Yousef’s plot. Before 9/11, it shows Yousef after his arrest vowing that “next time we will bring both towers down”.
I found some chilling comments on other posts of the movie from Islamic extremists who are not shy about sharing their feelings:
Allah hu akhbar!allah hu akhbar! All Infidels must be killed in the name of Allah!~fear not as Allah protect you! Islam rule the world!
Peace, mercy and blessings of God. Thank you very much for upload this movie on YouTube. I am the son of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman
We collected the best of God on your life and the Hereafter. Your brother in God Ammar Omar Abdel Rahman

The End Of the Caliphate till 9/11 Timeline:

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