Thursday, 15 September 2011

Same Old, Same Old in Libya

Libya’s new govt, a ridiculous and wretched bunch, says Del Boca 
For the historian, the new Libyan government does not add up. Made up of former Gaddafi officials and Muslims extremists fighting among themselves, it will bring few benefits to the Libyan people. It might instead herald the beginning of a power struggle following planned elections.
Rome (AsiaNews) – With a government that includes former Gaddafi officials, radical Muslims and former al Qaeda operatives, the new Libya will not be that much different from the old one. “The presence of these characters shows that the new government is just a ridiculous and wretched bunch,” historian and Libya expert Angelo Del Boca told AsiaNews. For him, this war reflects its contradictory causes, more related to economics than a genuine desire for change.
“What surprises me these days is the appearance of many faces tied to Muslim terrorism and anti-Gaddafi tribal leaders from Cyrenaica,” he said. ... Read More Here

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