Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Saudi Arabia Deports Norwegian Radical Islamist

Strangely This Usually happens the Other Way Around!

When 25-year-old Mohyeldeen Mohammad of Larvik tried to return to his Koran studies in Saudi Arabia late last week, he suddenly found himself distinctly unwelcome. Mohammad, described as a radical Islamist, was arrested at the airport in Medina and then faced deportation.
Newspaper Dagbladet reported over the weekend that Mohammad had traveled from Larvik back to Saudi Arabia on Thursday. The arrest of the young Norwegian citizen reportedly surprised officials at Norway’s Foreign Ministry, who said they didn’t know the nature of the charges on which he was being held.
“All we know from Saudi Arabian authorities is that they confirm he was being held and that he was on his way to the airport to be sent out of the country,” Hilde Steinfeldt of the ministry told Dagbladet. She said Norwegian officials didn’t know “where he was being sent, what was the reason for the deportation or why he was held.” He was expected back in Norway, though, on Monday.

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