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Sweden Recognizes Palestine

Bildt makes shock Palestinian envoy move - The Local
Bildt makes shock Palestinian envoy move

Bildt makes shock Palestinian envoy move

Published: 8 Sep 11 
Swedish foreign minister Carl Bild has angered his coalition partners by unilaterally recognising the Palestinian representative in Stockholm as ambassador. 
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18:39 September 8, 2011 by zircon
Foreign Minister CB is shaking the tree too prematurely. It spoils the fun of Christmas and Santa in the snow- show. Time, sir, is just a mean machine.
18:45 September 8, 2011 by saab
So, is the "ambassador" representing Fatah or Hamas?

Can Ms. Fariz go to Gaza and not get thrown off the roof of a building?

Does she recognize Israel as the Jewish state or does she advocate a one-state solution?

Does Bilt make sure that she is not wearing a suicide belt?
19:12 September 8, 2011 by Prat
Nice progress.

Alternately, to downgrade the Israeli Ambassador would be less welcome.
19:24 September 8, 2011 by Uncle
Ahh, who cares? Let them declare independence, have ambassadors and play a country.

Israel in it's turn should treat the new neighbour as an enemy foreign country, meaning disconnect electricity and water supply, as well as canalization. Close the borders to workers.

Also, each and every missile shot should be seen as a foreign aggression and should be answered with 10 times the force without any concern to citizens (as they do).

Let Europe pay for this useless piece of... that cannot produce anything, but terror.
19:44 September 8, 2011 by saab
Yes, Uncle, if they want a country they can have it but then a missile is an Official Act of War and let them suffer the consequences. Still, it is so very odd. You have Hamas in Gaza and Fatah in the West Bank and they hate each other and are not geographically contiguous. Gaza-stan... despite open border with Egypt and Fatah despite a lot of foreign aid (US, Europe) do not a country make.
20:43 September 8, 2011 by guliver
just an agreement by both sides can solve the problems,we need direct talk
20:50 September 8, 2011 by JohnAndersson
Wonderful news! Sometimes the right can do things that make sense, too. :)
21:10 September 8, 2011 by Uncle

For an israeli, you are awfully naive. Not so long a go I have read an interview with a romanian ex-securitate Ion Mihai Pacepa. He claimed to be involved in ideological preparation of Arafat and palestinian government.

According to him, USSR felt that it needs to create a fierce natural enemy to the US, since it did not actually believe to win in a conventional war. It wanted to use the easily inflamed muslim world to create a good anti-US force and the first target was Israel (as a front base of USA).

USSR paid for translating and distributing "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in the entire arab world. After that, a work was done to present US as ruled solely by Jews.

As for Arafat, his extreme ideas were rejected as an acceptable way to undermine Israel. It was forbidden to Arafat to mention the size of Israel (in fact statistically, most arab children draw a map, where Israel is the size of Saudi Arabia) and that it surrounded by enemies.

To suppress Israel he was allowed to talk ONLY about palestinians as a suppressed minority, where in fact in all the documentation of Israel's enemies, a "successful" outcome of war with Israel would mean a territorial division of it between mostly Jordan and Syria. Only a little cute lamb form could actually make the west support them and accept terror as a form of freedom fighting.

It is impossible to reasonably talk with them about rejecting the idea of returning refugees. They will continue attacking you with the reasoning of the refugee issue, as well as water issue, as well as Jerusalem issue etc.

Not one muslim country would agree to giving up on the above, since it would mean in effect the end of war with Israel, whereas the only concern of muslims is to eliminate this country physically in the full meaning of the word. It is impossible to negotiate something there. The conflict is not between Israel and Palestinians, but between USA and muslims (who took the place of USSR).
21:48 September 8, 2011 by Iraniboy
Nice move!

It is ridicolous to to ask for direct talk as a prerequisite for statehood! A direct talk is needed between two countries to end a war and agree on peace but existance of another country cannot be discussed with the enemy! This is a ridicolous demand by some EU and US countries. The borders are already defined lonf time ago!
22:13 September 8, 2011 by guliver

As long as Hamas rejected our right to exsist,and Fatah says is not going to recognize the Jewish state ,it is diffuclt to come to direct talks,

But the truth must be said on 29.11,47 we accepted the decision 181 th on the division of Palestine to 2 states: a Jewish one and an Arab one ,Ben Gurion accepted it ,also in Oslo agreement we accepted that principe,it is also true that our sociaty is today divided on this Thema, those who accept the Idea of 2 states living side by side in peace and the right wing parties who are against it.

I personaly think that it is not good for our democracy to rule the Palestinians who are the majority in the occupied territories since 1967, we must seek a solution in which both people who got different culture and history will live side by side in peace,and that include giving back territories for real peace

Of course a solution which call for the elimination of Israel ,as it come from Iran ,Hamas and other will not bring us to true solution
22:18 September 8, 2011 by AbangBeruang
I like Blidt.. Carry on.. At least, some right minded people are still out there..
22:19 September 8, 2011 by johnoleson
Who in their right mind thinks this is a wonderful move? Who represents the people of Sweden? Do the people of Sweden endorse sending money to Hamas(previous article)? Does this represent what Sweden wants?
22:43 September 8, 2011 by Uncle

I don't think you understand. The main theme of muslims is to take the knife out of muslim body (Israel). It blames EVERYTHING on it as all their dictatorships, economic failure, terror, bad health, internal fights are seen as a symptom of that knife that is stuck in their body. You do not talk to palestinians. They are oppressed in Lebanon and Egypt, however there is no talk of their independence. 

You talk to those who want to eliminate Jews as people inside Middle East.

Foreign minister of Bahrain proposed to return everything to the Jews who were kicked out of the arab countries, in order to EMPTY Israel and then take over it. There are constant plans on removing the "tumour". Jews are attacked everywhere by muslims, because muslims genuinely believe that Jews have a mutual plan to harm Islam, with a base of operations in US and front in Israel. These nazis actually believe everything Guebbels propagated. As you know, they seriously connect Jews to Israel, even if some were never there, or do not support it at all.

Remember a tortured jewish guy Ilan Halimi in France? His murderers actually believed that if he is a Jew, his family MUST be rich. Did you read a testimony of Wafa Sultan in Geert Wilders trial? She said that murder of a Jew is taught in the schools in this SECULAR country. " If I then, as an 8-year-old girl, was asked 'what do you prefer, candy or kill a Jew',I would have replied 'kill a Jew'"

All of this is a clear view of what is planned for Israel. Of course there should be 2 countries, since Israel is not just to their own people, by feeding palestinians. However, it should accept that no peace is possible, as long Jews are not muslims. By definition. And act accordingly. I would hang it on the UN to keep peace there and if does not, burn it to the ground every time there is an attack on Jewish state.
23:01 September 8, 2011 by ajs42548
THe problem is that the Palestinians will only accept a one state solution. They have said so repeatedly and it's in their charter. Why are some people confused about this?
23:56 September 8, 2011 by saab
While BIldt is at it, let's invite "ambassadors" from the Basque region, Aceh in Indonesia, "Spanish Sahara" in Morocco, Chechnya, Puerto Rico, and all the other places where there is a nationalist movement. The ETA would be quite appreciative as would the Chechnyans so heck, if you want a country, engage in a bombing campaign against innocent civilians and then present your most Western looking person to Mr. Bildt and BOOM!!, you have ambassadorial status in Stockholm and your very own "country". Neat formula.

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