Saturday, 17 September 2011

Thanks to Israel, Egypt and Turkey are now friends

Israel lost two of its crucial friends and allies in the past month -- Egypt and Turkey, two friendly Muslim countries and in fact rivals in proving to others that they are key to sustaining and restoring peace and stability in the region.
Israel, recently embroiled in a seemingly insurmountable diplomatic spat with Turkey, is now experiencing a separate crisis with Egypt after killing five Egyptian border guards last month while pursuing what it says were radical Palestinian militants.
Its refusal to apologize for the killing of nine Turkish pro-Palestinian activists on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla and with its new “apology” issue with Egypt, in which it expressed only “regret” over the deaths of the Egyptian border guards, mean Israel is destined to become isolated in the region, according to some analysts.
Israel's isolation will no doubt be secured by the grand alliance Egypt and Turkey are set to form, and following decades of mistrust and cold relations, Turkey and Egypt are now new friends with a common foe -- Israel. 

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