Thursday, 13 October 2011

Brutal Murder of Copts in Egypt

Muslims Drag Copt Through Streets Screaming
"Allahu Akbar!" "La Ellah Ellah Allah!"

Warning Very Graphic Scenes
From YouTube: Uploaded by YouCruising on Oct 13, 2011
10/13/11 -- El Manshaa, Sohag, Egypt -- Islamist and Military attacks on Coptic Christians captures the frenzy of a muslim mob arrayed against the tiny Coptic community. This kind of outrageous act has been happening for centuries ever since the Muslims gained numerical advantage. The once Christian nation of Egypt has been slowly turned into an Islamic cesspool, in exactly the same fashion the rest of the Levant and Maghreb became Islamicized.

The Egyptian Police Deliver the young Christian Coptic guy to Muslim people to drag him naked in the streets & cheer Allahu Akbar-La Ellah Ella Allah! Then burn a Christian shop behind the Coptic Orthodox Church, demonstrating the Barbarism of Muslims and Islam."

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