Saturday, 8 October 2011

CAIR: Media darling, 1st Amendment enemy

You've got to hand it to Muslim Brotherhood front groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations – known as CAIR.
It is conducting, with brilliant success, a media strategy in which it is portrayed as a Muslim civil-rights group earnestly fighting against religious bigotry in the best tradition of the United States of America, while it systematically attacks the First Amendment's protections of freedom of speech and religious liberty.
And the U.S. media – practically all of it – from CNN to Fox to the New York Times and ABC, NBC and CBS, offer CAIR the red carpet treatment to make its subversive case to the nation and the world.
Let me give you a few compelling and recent examples of the way this works.
  • This week CAIR called a news conference in Seattle to charge that FBI agents are trained "to view mainstream Muslims with suspicion and to view the faith of Islam itself as the source of terrorism and extremism." The evidence? A document signed by a local FBI agent and distributed in a class stated in part: "A careful comparison of Arab/Islamist propaganda and Nazi propaganda reveals the closeness of these links. ... I would suggest that the current conflicts are a continuation of Nazi policies carried out by Arabs. ..." If such a charge were untrue, of course, CAIR might have a point. But there is overwhelming evidence – in fact, historical proof – that those words are 100 percent accurate. In fact, I can tell you as an Arab-American who published a well-documented book, "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism,"on this very subject of the historical and contemporary links between Adolf Hitler's Nazis and the modern Islamist ideology, that the allegation is beyond question – if the facts are actually examined.
    CAIR knows the American media has no stomach for the truth. And it also knows the U.S. Justice Department under the leadership of Eric Holder and, ultimately, Barack Obama, has no stomach for that kind of truth either. The FBI is hardly antithetical to groups like CAIR, which portray themselves, their membership, their officers and their leadership as mainstream Americans. The FBI formerly used CAIR to provide sensitivity training to agents regarding the Islamic community – until it discovered the true nature of the organization. CAIR told Muslim-American followers not to "snitch" on members of its community when they suspected illegal activity. CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism fundraising case in American history. And more than a dozen employees, directors and officers of CAIR have themselves been arrested, indicted or convicted of terrorism-related charges since Sept. 11, 2001. In this case, not only is CAIR attacking free speech, it is conducting a direct assault on America's national security by attempting to force the nation's top law enforcement organization from using actual facts to educate its agents.

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