Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Horrid Social Reality of Pakistani Women

In our society, especially the rural areas, women have always been regarded as the lesser human beings. Not only are they treated like slaves, but are also forced to obey their masculine counterparts, irrespective of what they personally intend to do. They barely enjoy the right of making their own decisions, and rather live on the orders of what is considered to be the superior class in our society: the not so eminent men. Our utterly male-centred society has been tremendously cruel to women in various aspects of life. The low literacy rate among the female population speaks for itself. They have been discouraged to opt for higher education, mainly because the illiterate class of our society believes the investment in their education is futile. Moreover, their marriage is considered nothing less than a business deal. 
Sadly, this problem persists both in the urban and rural segment of our ill-fated society. In Pakistan, the rights of women are curtailed under the name of honour and protection. Irrespective of what immoral activities a male might indulge in, even the slightest error on the part of these poor creatures isn’t overlooked. The level of hostility they face is increasing both in frequency and viciousness. There have been cases where husbands poured acid over their wives because they were found guilty of exposing their hair in public.
It is sad to know that according to various surveys, Pakistan – the supposed land of pure – is the third most dangerous country for women. We are ranked after Afghanistan and Congo, where such inhumane practises have increased manifold.
Not only such atrocious actions should be banned, but it should be understood that it is against the teachings of Islam as well as the ideology of the Quaid-e-Azam who put great emphasis on the role of women in developing Pakistan if it were to achieve its zenith. Unfortunately, we have failed to give these women the privileges they rightfully deserve.
It is time we understood that no nation can rise unless the female segment of society works side by side with the male population. Shutting up women within the boundaries of one’s house is indeed a crime against humanity. More Here

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