Sunday, 16 October 2011

Irish Mother Gets Child Back from Divorced Muslim Dad Who Kidnaps Daughter

Irish Mum Reunited with Daughter who was abducted by Muslim Father

A MOTHER'S nightmare is over after she got back her daughter who had been abducted and taken to strife-torn Syria by her ex-husband.
Louise Monaghan (36) and her six-year-old daughter May Assad Monaghan flew into Ireland on Saturday night, the Irish Independent has learned.
May disappeared after going for a walk with her father Mostafa Assad in Cyprus -- where she lives with her mother -- on Wednesday, September 7.
It is understood Mr Assad then contacted his ex-wife and told her she would never see their child again unless she sold her belongings in Cyprus and then moved to Syria to live the life of a Muslim woman.
Louise's overjoyed sister Mandy Monaghan last night thanked all those who helped her sister and her family to get little May back on Irish soil.
However, she refused to discuss how Louise eventually managed to get her daughter out of Syria.
"We are so happy and grateful to people for their support. So many people helped us to be a family again and we would like to thank them all," she said. "We will never be apart again from this moment on, nothing will tear us apart again."
May was born in Cyprus where her parents met and where Louise, originally from Swords in Co Dublin, had been living for more than nine years. Her parents later split up.
Mr Assad managed to get his daughter out of the country using a passport which he had previously taken, and which was cancelled.
Police in Cyprus launched a manhunt for Mr Assad on suspicion of kidnapping when the little girl failed to return home.
But once he crossed the border into Syria from Turkey, he was protected under Syrian law.
The middle-eastern country has not signed the Hague Convention, which forces child abductors to be taken back to the nation they fled.
Ms Monaghan flew to Syria from her home in Limassol in Cyprus last Monday night alone in order to be reunited with her daughter. She met her ex-husband, whom she divorced last November, at the Turkish border and was reunited with May at his family's home.
Ms Monaghan made contact with the Irish consul who it is understood helped her to return to Ireland.
Violent protests have been taking place in Syria since January after part of the population started demanding greater political freedom.
The stand-off has led to more than 2,200 deaths over the past nine months.

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