Sunday, 30 October 2011

Norway: No News Would Be Good News ... But Here's The News

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Oslo Ghetto news today. Several rapes, murder, exploding apartment.

In one of the rape case where two 16-year old girls were attached, six men from Afghanistan and Pakistan were arrested.

Another rape victim said an african raped her in a park.

So far this year 48 rapes were reported, thats twice as many as last year, only seven rapes were resolved.

No official is suggesting the need for expulsion and criminal background checks for immigrants.

A politician, Fabien Stang (H) said when told about the massive number of rapes in Oslo, "goddamn hell, i don't know what to do any more".

That's a typcial reacion. No politician knows what to do about the massive number of crimes they imported to Norway from african and the arabstates.

Noway don't use enclosed refugee camps for refugees. This may change due to the large number of crimes committed by refugees. More people demand action that shows results. Walled prison-like camps may be created for refugees in Norway similar to those in most other countries that receive refugees.

70 % of the Oslo population feel unsafe and won't go out alone in the evenings.

The rape victims can be found in the remaining 30 % of the population that bravely go out alone without dogs or other security measures.

25 % of the population say there are to many muslims in Norway.

24 % feel islam is a threat against our culture.

Due to the record number of rapes, nearly all of them done by immigrants, the Prime Minister Stoltenberg said they need more police while the number of police has gone down by 100 to 424. Often only one police patrol is out in the streets of Oslo. The politicians call for security and more police is not followed up by action, instead they reduce the security.

Many norwegians feel the mass immigration has been to open and is a threat to the national security. 

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