Friday, 21 October 2011

Sharia Law is ‘Barbaric’

Sharia law is ‘barbaric’ in application
Friday 21st October 2011

WHAT it means to have Sharia law in Great Britain is the same as Sharia law in any country, it is barbaric.

To have Sharia law means the stoning of people in public, to have hands cut off. Beheadings. Hangings. The doing away with music. Nightclubs. Pubs. 
Drinking. The mixing of the sexes. Women having to wear the burka and not Western clothes. The Bible would be banned, and anyone caught with one would face public flogging or even hanging.Sharia law has no place in the Western world. Great Britain now has over 85 Sharia law courts, which are running side by side with our own courts.We now have two laws in one country, one for the Muslims and one for the British people. The Muslims want their law to rule and the way it’s going this will very soon come to pass. In Tower Hamlets women are being threatened with death for not wearing the burka, men are being beaten up in the streets for smoking, and there are no-go areas for the police, and that is the same for many parts of the country.

Our very own culture is being taken away from us on a daily basis, and soon the young ones growing up today will know nothing of our history.

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