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Slavery and Prostitution in Islamic Pakistan

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Thousands of women are imprisoned for adultery and even locked up for having been raped.

In a bare prison cell a veiled teenage girl huddles against the wall. Ruqaiya Khan is in prison because she wants independence from her family and in Pakistan Islamic law says that a woman's Place is in the home. Stark faces peer from behind the bars of a Karachi insane asylum, housing 1200 women. Abuse and over-work cause women to die on average younger than men. We speak to lawyers who fight the cases of women trapped by Pakistan's harsh Islamic laws. On any day up to 3,000 slave girls are for sale on Karachi's streets. We speak to a 14 year old who was sold. A community leader says that even the government is involved in a protected and flourishing slave trade. Pakistani prostitutes dance for the camera. The brothels are legal. In Pakistan men have made a society designed only for their comfort.

In 1979 the Islamic regime of Pakistan introduced changes that plunged the country deeper into Sharia; It made laws about rape and sex crimes more accurately reflect the standards of proof and punishment for this crime as dictated in the Quran. The law concerning rape was made part of the ordinance, called The Offence of Zina (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance, VII of 1979 (the term zina encompasses adultery, fornication, rape and prostitution). The ordinance also deals with the crimes of fornication and adultery which were not regarded as crimes in Pakistan before 1979.

In 1977 General Zia took power after a military coup. When he failed to fulfil his promise of holding elections, he tried to justify his rule on the grounds that God had given him special responsibility to turn Pakistan into a truly Islamic state. He made vast changes in the criminal law as well as in the constitution of Pakistan. Apart from zina, he introduced Islamic punishments for theft and the drinking of alcohol etc. General Zia's rule of ten years became known as a period of Islamization. He died in an aeroplane accident in 1988.

Sexual Slavery is not prohibited in Islam, according to the Quran. The holy Prophet Mohammed himself had sex slaves. However prostitution is prohibited.

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