Monday, 3 October 2011

Under My Niqab. ... Are Full-Face Veils Unforced Really?

Zeina was born a Muslim community in France. Parents are denied education and, later, Zeinale commuting, as well as the fit of any clothing garment, discrete. Her future husband chose the woman herself. Handsome young man wins a woman's heart at first sight, and not long afterwards, was in the wedding. A woman's suffering began when the woman became a respected man in the fundamentalist Muslim who watched traditionalist Islam on a daily basis.
Wife forced women to wear full body covering of black coal (known as the strictest version) costume - Niqab'I. Islamic traditions of Muslim woman bears niqab, she has begun to wear it - no turning back. Zeina whole body was trying to avoid backing of clothing, however, forced wife, who continually pour her abuser, she had no other choice than to submit to male desire.
I forgot my indentity and his face, I was suddenly one of the unnamed shadow', in his book tells the story of Zeina. For many years, suffered beatings at home and sat in jail a woman had lost all will to live.
A woman was forbidden to leave home, unless the son is sent to and from school. His only chance to communicate with someone, an older home visits were rare, and the mosque where the women in your life together julenud not complain.
Zeina life made a U-turn when she decided one afternoon without a breath of fresh air to go out on the balcony niqab'ita. He knew that playing with fire, because the husband would never be tolerated, and the sight would have been sentenced to a brutal beating. Her face and body were swollen and scarred from previous beating. Zeina is between a man behind, but he noticed a neighbor who reported domestic violence social workers immediately.
Zeina autobiography describes the life of millions of women, wives of moslemist enthusiasts. Only a very few of them have been opened to get rid of slavery, and feel yourself as a person.
I'm not sure whether the Estonian version of the book there, but for whom there is no such problem English language to read, then I strongly recommend.
Islam encourages women to hide their bodies in very extreme conditions, in order to guarantee them access to paradise. Unfortunately, this is not often a woman's own choice but by the man command. Moslemnaiste how to fight for the rights of those living in Europe? Do niqab'i (aka the burqa) in the whole of Europe should be modeled on the French ban?
* * *
A French Muslim HAS Written on a book about her life under a niqab. For the opponent, the niqab is a symbol of the oppression of the Muslim woman. That the woman says she lost her identity by wearing the niqab, yet her book was not Written to Settle an account with her religion.
Zeina spoke to French newspaper Blick. The woman was married to a Muslim fundamentalist. He forced her to put on a niqab. For the young woman it was torture. "Suddenly I was not morethan a shadow Without that kind of name or identity. I also lost my face, "says Zeina. When her Husband Gave her the Garment as a 'gift', she refused to put it on."Because I Knew That there was no way back. If you wear the Veil once, Than you have no choice any more. "
And to say she wore the niqab for years. Her life is also yield a Different Direction. She went Rarely Outside, one time she met Exceptional Other Muslim women. "But I Could not be myself with them. Were they otherwise all won over by the niqab. There was no room for discussion. "On the street she only got to create from approving Muslim. The French held a trouble with her traditional dress. They otherwise thought was the niqab objectionable, provoking. Often I insist she was 'ugly' and 'Dracula'.
She Could not speak about it with her Husband, he'd changed. "When we married he was not at all to say Fanatic." But suddenly he HAD come under the Influence of a fundamentalist group and he was aggressive. Often the more he beat her, but she stayed silent since she loved for their child. When a Neighbor ie Without her the Veil, Zeina just HAD BEEN Beaten up black and blue. The female Neighbor That she did not have encouraged her to take it there any longer. "Then I realized That she was right, and I DECIDED to flee with my child."
Zeina went into hiding and was terrified. She Knew That very well behind her Husband started hunting for her. The confrontation with the mirror was Shocking. "Suddenly I saw myself again Without a niqab, I Looked like a ghost." The book with her story will be published soon. It is not a Plea against Islam. "I did not write this book against Islam, but for Islam, can be also Because Muslim religious Waring Without the niqab," she concludes.
How should we fight for the rights of Muslim women in Europe. The full-face veils should be banned in all Europe and not only in France?

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