Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Why UK Muslims Aren't British

Anjem Choudary Explains Why Multicultualism 
Doesn't Work In Islam
Anjem Choudary openly states that any Muslim who is born in Great Britain is not British and Multiculturalism does not work with Islam.

Muslims are invaders, here to conquer us! Everyone of them that I have ever spoken to have either claimed they are not British or disrespected Great Britain in some way!

He lauded the September 11 hijackers as 'magnificent martyrs' and praised Asif Hanif, the British suicide bomber who killed three in Tel Aviv in 2003.

After the July 7 atrocities in London, he vowed he would not tell the police if he knew a terror attack was being planned and urged Muslims to defend themselves against perceived attacks by 'whatever means they have at their disposal'.

Despite his hatred of all things British - he says: "If British means adopting British values, then I don't think we can adopt British values. I'm a Muslim living in Britain. I have a British passport, but that's a travel document to me" - he and his family live on state benefits.

His wife Rubana is said by friends to claim £1,700 a month in housing benefit and income support while Choudary has also claimed £202 a month in income support.

The voices are slightly out of sink but his last line was if we all do not convert to Islam we will all burn in hell!
Multiculturalism Explained:

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