Friday, 18 November 2011

400 Hundred Years with Turkey ... There's Nothing to Celebrate!

No Celebration of 400 Hundred Years of Turkish Relations, President Gul Can Stay Home
PVV leader Geert Wilders wants the Netherlands in 2012 the celebration of 400 years of relations with Turkey canceled. President Abdullah Gül is also not allowed for a state visit. Wilders writes that morning on the opinion pages of the newspaper.

Wilders: "There is nothing to celebrate. The Islamic regime of Gul and his party, the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is not a true friend of the West and therefore not in the Netherlands. President Gül is not welcome. " Centenary For nearly a year working on a grand celebration of the fourth centenary of the Turkish-Dutch relations. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has appointed a special representative to coordinate all activities. Wilders' Turkey has no place in the European community of values and there is no cause for celebration.  "Anyone who" looks beyond what is obvious, "writes Wilders sees" the regime of Gul and Erdogan busy is Turkish secular state system to kill and re-Islamise Turkey.D66 leader Alexander Pechtold called the development of Wilders 'absurd'.Pechtold: "This is a disgrace for the government and the Netherlands. Extremely painful that we have as a country through the construction tolerance shall be displayed. " Beatrix The PVV has also turned against the intention of Queen Beatrix to still a state visit to Oman to bring. It is scheduled from January 10 to 12. Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima went along. The visit was in March this year canceled due to riots in the country and the uprisings elsewhere in the region. However, a short private visit to the Sultan of Oman made. Also PvdA, SP and Green would like clarification from Prime Minister Rutte, because they consider the situation in the country has not changed compared to earlier this year. Rutte said at his weekly press conference that doubts do not understand. "The government believes Oman now sufficiently stable." read the opinion in the Volkskrant morrow contribution of Geert Wilders

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