Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Five Reasons To Wear A Burka ... ?

Burkas have recently received a lot of controversial attention in the press, with France even proposing to ban them.

In the non-Muslim world, the term Burka is used to refer to the full shape apparel that protects the wearer from head to toe, only leaving the eye lids and hands exposed. Though, when Muslims use the term, they are generally referring to the part that protects the hair in replacement of the headscarf.
This article shall use the funky non-Muslim explanation of burka.
The Advantages of Burkas
1. Putting on a burka might command more seriousness, respect and authority. My friend’s wife always wears one when attending crucial meetings, such as parents’ evenings or when meeting the woman’s landlord. In their culture, wearing a burka in a meeting will gain better results and more respect, than donning normal western costume. I guess similar to the way male city workers all should wear suit and ties, even though ties have been show to hinder blood flow to the brain.
2. Historically, the burka trend of dress up originated in desert tribes, where it functioned as a sand mask. As well, the fashion of dress up was worn by both men and woman, making them hard to tell separate.
This was useful during tribal raids, as it produced it harder for raiders to escort woman of child bearing age. Whilst raids are not really an element of contemporary life, wearing a mask is useful in some events., therefore a burka could help mask the smell from their delicate nostrils. In a similar way, a burka could assist mask the smell of unhygienic fellow passengers.
3. Non muslims can wear burkas to experience a different culture., in order to experience a day in the life of a burka wearer. She received a lot more respect from Muslims,. It also helped the girl to might seem more at peace, and the cosmetologists and hair stylists who usually harassed the woman with sales pitches ignored the woman’s.
4. Burka’s are very easy to don, and are usually worn as an alternative to the headscarf (hijab). For that reason, Muslim girls will sometimes wear them when they are in a rush.
5. Burka wearers in warmer climates may drive cars with the windows down..
Concluding Words
. With the reasons coming from the viewpoints of professional women, busy women, children and even concerned parents.
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