Sunday, 13 November 2011

Eritrea Denies Aiding the Al Shabaab

From YouTube:

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on Nov 8, 2011
Eritrea has once again denied accusations that it has been arming Somalia's Al Shabaab insurgents, insisting that it would never in any way seek to endanger its relationship with Kenya. Eritrea's ambassador to Kenya Beyene Russom told Citizen TV that reports that Eritrea may have been behind recent airlifts of arms to the Al Shabaab militants in Baidoa in Somalia last week were far fetched and incorrect. Eritrea's Freign Affairs Minister Osman Saleh is expected in the country this week, even as Kenyan troops continued with a door-to-door operation in liberated areas of Southern Somalia in a bid to flush out any remaining Al Shabaab insurgents. Abdi Osman with that report.

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