Monday, 21 November 2011

G_d Sends Message To Self Hating Jew

The God of Israel Answers a Self Hating Jew, a Taste of What Is Yet To Happen To Jew Haters

From YouTube:

Uploaded by ZionistIDF on Nov 17, 2011
Look at the face of the UGLY self hating Jew 0:29 when God shakes the earth exactly during her evil venomous fork tongue lying mouth against ISRAEL the apple of God's Eye. She decides to be a JUDENRAT an enemy of Israel like a dirty filthy cowardly traitor trying to kill and destroy her own people. The God of Israel gave her a last warning next time she will be buried under the rubble. This lady and all the Antisemites are destine for eternal Hell, they will burn with Hitler and all the Nazi's for eternity there will be no escape. These self hating liberal leftist Jews have been cut of from the nation of Israel, they are cursed, lost souls who are now slaves to modern day Nazi's they are the most vile detestable sack of dung on the face of the earth, Take a close look at her face when she for a moment realised that God is knocking on her door and telling her that she is crossing the line, notice how like a coward rat she runs for the door not even looking to see if anyone needs help, she showed her true face, this creature deserves every curse on the planet.

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