Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hamas Was Born To Destroy Israel

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Mos’ab Hassan Yousef Khalil, son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef Khalil – the Hamas leader in the West Bank, is one of the most important Shin Bet agents in Israel’s history.
Khalil was known in the Shin Bet as the “Green Prince”; green referred to Hamas and prince referred to his being the son of Hamas’ leader.  During his time working as a Shin Bet informant during the Second Intifada, he passed along information that prevented numerous terrorist attacks and assassinations as well as provided Israeli intelligence with the locations of terrorists and Hamas leaders, including his father.  At one point, Mos’ab had his own father arrested in order to prevent Israel from killing him for his anti-Israel and terrorist activities.
In December 2010, Mos'ab published his story in English under the title Son of Islam.  It has been translated into Hebrew and other languages and sold numerous copies, mostly in the United States and Israel.  The book details all of his actions on behalf of Israel as well as the problems he saw in Arab society in the West Bank that led him to change his life forever.  The book also contains a scathing attack on Yasser Arafat and his responsibility for the Second Intifada.  At the time of publication, Mos’ab revealed his conversion to Christianity, which led to his being disowned by his family and obtaining political asylum in the United States.
Currently, Mos’ab keeps a veil of secrecy because of numerous threats on his life from Hamas and other terrorist organizations, never revealing where he is at any given time.  Those who attend his lectures are required to arrive early in order to ensure no operatives of any terrorist organizations are present to threaten his life.
Mos’ab has also been interviewed by numerous media outlets in Israel and abroad so he can tell his story and publicize his book. During a recent interview, he blamed Islam for the problems in the Middle East, saying it is incompatible with modern society and urged reform using Israel as an example.  He also expressed his past desire to put on an IDF uniform and save Gilad Shalit from Hamas.  That interview, like a recent one in Frankfurt shown below, showed Mos’ab’s pro-Israel stance and calls for peace:

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