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Holocaust Survivor "Ghetto Workers" Still Waiting For German Pensions

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Irresponsible: - Ghetto Workers Are Still Waiting For Their Pensions

 2002 the Bundestag passed a so-called reparation pension for those who have worked in the ghetto. Meanwhile, many survivors have died, without ever having seen a dime. Today, more than 3000 people are struggling against bureaucratic and formal barriers.
Looking back: for years they had fought, until it was: Germany pays for the slave laborers in Nazi compensation. At least something. A victims group has one in the context, however, not thought, to have the hundreds of thousands of Holocaust survivors, not necessarily in the ghetto, but "voluntary" work. The only way they could ensure their survival. For them is now a legally vested pension to - really! Gregory Witt and HC Schulze of Germany's shameful handling of the from the Warsaw ghetto. Everyday life, filmed by the Germans. In 1940, the ghetto was set up for Polish and German Jews. Hundreds of thousands were deported here. Locked in a confined space many died of starvation and epidemics. Others were shot or gassed. Estimated there were about 1,000 such ghettos. propaganda images from Theresienstadt. Here the Nazis forced Jews to audition a seemingly ideal world: as a diligent worker. Even pension contributions were paid for them. She was for many years in the ghetto: Sarra Cemachovich. Today, the 82 year old lives in Brussels. They too had to work, although she was a kid back then. And for their work in the ghetto they want a pension, at least one financial compensation for what she has done to Germany. The Nazis closed the Jewish ghetto in late 1941 Vitebsk in Belarus. Since she was only 12th She has survived. Her family was murdered. Sarra Cemachovich "When I look at it, as it is for my parents, went to my family. They have been pushed into the pit and 85 000 Jews exterminated at once. "CONTRASTS "Because her family was with them?" Sarra Cemachovich "With this, yes, my sister and my mother." Sarra Cemachovich worked back then to be able to survive : as kitchen help at the Germans. Ten, twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Their reward: to eat something every day for them as well pension contributions were paid. The then 12-year saved only a white lie in front of the gas chamber: Sarra Cemachovich "I've always said I'm 18, 20, not 16 because below 16 was one destined for the gas." After the war, she builds with her ​​husband a modest living in Brussels. The two sewing furs in wage labor, almost forty years. Your pension will be increased in Belgium, with social assistance. Together, they will receive 1,400 euros. 2002, because she is already 73, she learns: Germany wants to pay her rent as an additional financial compensation. At that time decided by the Bundestag: The Ghetto victims for their contributions paid to get a pension. . Retroactively from 1997 Members from all parties agreed to an explicit, quote:"Reparation of National Socialist injustice" . requested in 2003 Sarra Cemachovich their pension until 2011, eight years after that decision.. you get but finally their pension, but only retrospectively from 2005. And not, as decided in the Bundestag, retroactively from 1997. 8000 € you will be denied in this way. Sarra Cemachovich"I do not understand what makes them, does what it is Germany, where they pay me in 1997. I think I have earn more if I worked four years for the Germans. " Herta Däubler-Gmelin was Federal Minister of Justice, as the ghetto pension was decided. You do not understand is how to deal with victims of the Nazi era. Herta Däubler-Gmelin (SPD), 1998-2002 Federal Minister of Justice, "I consider this methodology for extremely unfair. 2002 did the German Bundestag and has also decided that this terrible exceptional situation is finally righted in the sense of people back and that they have the ability to get under the conditions provided pension refunds from 1997. " responsible for the law first was Walter Riester as Minister of Social Affairs. He was followed by Ulla Schmidt, Franz Muentefering, Olaf Scholz, Franz Josef Jung and Ursula von der Leyen. None of them cared, even though thousands of ghetto victims of their pension received only incomplete. Today responsible for Social Affairs is to an interview. Written to justify a reduction in pension entirely formal. with the general social law The same applies to Nazi victims, you do not receive full reimbursement, because the ghetto pension quote. "It is ... not an independent reparation or compensation. " Herta Däubler-Gmelin (SPD), 1998-2002 Minister of Justice, "I think this statement is wrong not only in content but also cynical. Because it aims at people who have suffered under the Nazi horrors, to take what they are entitled by law. I think Mrs. von der Leyen should quickly go back to what we have decided in 2002 in the Bundestag. " Sarra Cemachovich is 82 years old. It does not leave much time. Approximately 7,000 of the Holocaust survivors who had applied for a pension, have already died.More than 3,000 very elderly survivors have been waiting a long time on the pension they deserve

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