Friday, 4 November 2011

Iranian Soccer Player Knows How To Celebrate ... A GOAL!

From YouTube: HalalPorkShop

TEHRAN -- The Persepolis football club has sacked Sheis Rezaei for his "immoral" goal celebration during the 3-2 victory over Damash of Gilan last Saturday.

The decision was announced on Friday.

Sheys Rezaei and his teammate Mohammad Nosrati committed inappropriate acts during a game against Damash in the Iranian Professional League. The moves were broadcast live to millions on Iran's state-run TV Channel 3.

In the match held at the Sardar Jangal Stadium in Rasht, a city to the northwest of Tehran, Rezaei and Nosrati jumped on a pile of their teammates and involved themselves in immoralities.

Persepolis's officials punished Rezaei harder since the player had a history of disciplinary problems with the club's previous coaches.

Afshin Ghotbi ousted him in 2007-08 season and Rezaei was also left out of the Ali Daei's team in the last season. Persepolis also fined Rezaei 300 million Tomans ($230,000).

Nosrati will also miss six matches and has been fined 250 million... More

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