Thursday, 24 November 2011

Israeli Settlers Invade Sacred Mosque in Nablus

... or just maybe ... 
Jews went to Pray at Ancient Site of Jewish Patriarch's Tomb

"1500 Jewish settlers break into Joseph's tomb in Nablus"

Jordan Directions
Ramallah, Nov. 24 (Petra) -- Jewish settlers on Thursday broke into the West Bank town of Nablus under the protection of Israeli occupation soldiers, sources said.
According to Palestinian sources, around 1500 Israeli settlers, accompanied by Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai of Shas, illegally stormed what they claim to be "Joseph Tomb" east of the city and performed religious rituals.
"Clashes erupted between Palestinian youths and the Jewish settlers and soldiers, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets," the sources added.
Settlers storm the shrine on weekly basis since 2000 after the withdrawal of the occupation forces following bloody clashes with Palestinian activists.
Joseph’s Tomb is a holy place for Muslims, Christians and Jews located in Nablus. According to an agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis, Jewish worshipers are allowed to visit the site only with previous coordination between Palestinian and Israeli authorities. In recent years, however, Israeli settlers started entering this holy site illegally, without Palestinian coordination and permission.
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