Sunday, 6 November 2011

Muslims Demand a "Book Ban" to Suppress Criticism of Mohammed

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Published by schreiber quote in book tip , Germany , Islam, on 05/11/2011 demonstrate in southern Hesse Blessed city for Muslims to return to Germany in the unfortunate practice of book bans back. The occasion is the publication of a book on the crimes of Mohammed, published in the adjacent Rodgau, which you obviously can not rely on content argumentative manner contrary. the rest of this entry »

40 Muslims demonstrate in Seligenstadt against an "offensive" book.
The work represents a "great insult, assault and discrimination against Islam," one that was written on a flyer. District court manager Rainer Neumann confirmed that was filed about three weeks ago brought against the publication of the book. The book was printed in Rodgau.
Currently run the usual test procedures to determine whether the case is heard in the Einhardstadt, or whether another court has jurisdiction. The demonstration in the square, which broke up after only a few minutes had been approved by the city, Councilwoman Claudia Bicherl First confirmed. Police spokesman Michael Rösch Josef spoke at the request of a peaceful course.

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