Saturday, 26 November 2011

Notice To Gaza: Termination of Services

I Hereby Give You Notice of Termination
of Water and Electrical Services:

Reason For Notice:
    . Tenant is repeatedly late paying rent
    . Tenant has allowed an unreasonable number of occupants in the unit/site
    . Tenant or a person permitted on the property by the tenant has:
x   significantly interfered with or unreasonably disturbed another occupant or the landlord     x   seriously jeopardized the health or safety or lawful right of another occupant or the landlord 
x   put the landlord’s property at significant risk
x   .Tenant has engaged in illegal activity that has, or is likely to:
     damage the landlord’s property adversely affect the quiet enjoyment, security, safety or            physical well-being of another occupant or the landlord 
x   . jeopardize a lawful right or interest of another occupant or the landlord
x   . Tenant has caused extraordinary damage to the unit/site or property/park
x   . Tenant has not done required repairs of damage to the unit/site
x   . Breach of a material term of the tenancy agreement that was not corrected within a reasonable time after written notice to do so
    . Tenant has assigned or sublet the rental unit/site without landlord’s written consent
x  . Tenant knowingly gave false information to prospective tenant or purchaser of the rental unit/site or property/park
   . Rental unit/site must be vacated to comply with a government order
   . Non-compliance with an order under the legislation within 30 days after the tenant received the order or the date in the order
   . Tenant’s rental unit/site is part of an employment arrangement that has ended and the unit/site is needed for a new employee
B. Netanyahu

Israel threatens to cut off power, water to Gaza

JERUSALEM (Google News) — Israel warned on Saturday that it would cut the supply of water and electricity to the Gaza Strip if rival Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas form a unity government.
"The foreign ministry is examining the possibility of Israel pulling out of the Gaza Strip in terms of infrastructure," Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told the daily Yediot Aharonot website.
A unity government deal "would transform the Palestinian Authority into a terrorist authority and would put an end to any hope for a peace agreement" with Israel, said Ayalon, who is also a Knesset deputy from the nationalist Yisrael Beitenu party.
On Friday, Israeli ministers decided to maintain a freeze on the transfer of tens of millions of dollars in tax monies to the Palestinian Authority hours after Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas held top-level talks with Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal at which they announced a new era of "partnership."
The transfer of funds, which make up a large percentage of the authority's monthly budget, was frozen on November 1 as a punitive measure after the Palestinians won full membership of the UN cultural organisation.
"If the Palestinians have signed an agreement over a unity government, it would make a transfer of funds impossible," a senior government official told AFP.
In January, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had already threatened to cut off water and power to Gaza, which has been controlled by Hamas since the Islamist group chased Fatah from the territory in 2008.
Israel, which unilaterally withdrew from Gaza and dismantled Jewish settlements in 2008, continues to supply the territory with water and 70 percent of its electrical power, the rest being supplied by neighbouring Egypt or local power plant

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